Pulled Pork in North Carolina

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Pulled Pork in North Carolina

How to Make Delicious Pulled Pork in North Carolina


For lovers of North Carolina Pulled Pork, the best thing to do is stop in some popular spots and sample the different styles of pork. There are many places in North Carolina where the best tasting pulled pork can be found. The famous Carolina BBQ Sauce and the North Carolina Pulled Pork Slap is the most popular styles of North Carolina pulled pork. A North Carolina BBQ dinner can have a full menu of different pulled pork dishes, and a full array of different side dishes. This way people can taste the different tastes and find the style of food that they enjoy the most.

A traditional North Carolina barbecue dish consists of a piece of meat, usually a pork shoulder, swaddled in a mixture of sauce and BBQ sauce and allowed to marinate. This process allows the meat to draw out its natural juices, which give the dish its delicious flavor. In addition, the meat is placed in an iron pan, covered and cooked in a coiled barbecue pan. This ensures even cooking of the meat and the juices seep deep into the meat, drawing out all its natural juices and giving it a rich flavor. Typically, the pulled pork dish is served with potatoes and potato salad.

Most North Carolina BBQ recipes include Worcestershire sauce or Apple sauce. Both these sauces can be used in a variety of ways to change up the original sauce, making it both interesting and delicious. In fact, there are countless recipes for both the sauce and the accompanying apple sauce on the Internet. Some of the most popular choices include:

Pulled Pork sandwiches are another popular choice for North Carolina BBQ. These sandwiches are easy to make. All you need is some bread, tomato sauce, butter, mustard, a little bit of black pepper and your favorite cheese. You simply place all ingredients on your bread and make a sandwich as you normally would.

Apple Sauce Alternative If you are looking for a slightly different sauce to add to your North Carolina BBQ, then you might want to try an apple sauce. An apple sauce alternative can be made by using apple juice and brown sugar in equal amounts. You may also choose to use barbecue sauce but be sure to keep the natural sugars out of your barbecue sauce. Place the sauce on your bread and make your own version of the famous macaroni and cheese. Variations of this recipe include barbecue apple chips and apple cobbler.

Country Style Barbecue A very popular choice for North Carolina BBQ is barbecue that utilizes country style ingredients. Most often, this means using ham hocks, fatback, turkey, and salt and pepper. Typical items include cornbread stuffing, coleslaw, and even macaroni and cheese. To make your own country style pulled pork, simply start with a jar of barbecue sauce and brown the meat before putting it on the grill. You can finish the dish with a nice side dish of macaroni or potato salad.

Asian inspired dishes Another type of dish that you will likely find is Asian inspired pulled pork. This type of pulled pork uses Asian ingredients like bamboo shoots, tofu, carrots, ginger, and garlic. These ingredients are combined with smoke cooking methods and black soy sauce. Typically, you will use these types of recipes once you master the basic techniques for creating pulled pork.

Other Popular Barbeque Entrees In terms of popularity, most people love North Carolina’s very own sweet potato pie. This delicious pie is extremely rich and filling. Due to its heavy cream filling, it is typically served with the accompanying dessert of puddings or ice cream. Pulled pork is a wonderful way to top off this delicious pie.